Agricultural Production System Consultancy

 Good Agricultural Practices: With the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry's publication of the Regulation on Good Agricultural Practices, which came into force in 2004, we have consulted many cooperatives, producer unions, chambers of agriculture, and international companies. We provide services to every point of Turkey on Good Agricultural Practices with our expert staff.
GLOBALGAP: GLOBALGAP International Standard for Good Agricultural Practices is the Good Agricultural Practice (GAP: Good Agriculture Practice) protocol of the European Retailers Agricultural Products Working Group. In order to carry out studies on this protocol, a private non-profit association with its headquarters in Germany was established in 1999. The aim of this association is to determine the minimum standards required for agricultural products grown in their own countries and imported from abroad, by making a new regulation, so that large retailers can ensure healthy consumption of agricultural products in their own communities. Since 2004, we have been providing consultancy to various producer organizations and many international companies with our expert staff, and we provide services in every part of Turkey.
In 2021 Utku Consulting GLOBALG.A.P. It was registered from GLOBALGAP by obtaining the registration trainer authority. We are increasing our competencies in order to provide better quality service to our customers.
GRASP: GRASP, GLOBALG.A.P. It is the abbreviation of Risk Assessment on Social Practice (GLOBALG.A.P.). GRASP is a ready-to-use module developed to evaluate the social practices on the farm, addressing certain aspects of worker health, safety and welfare, and we serve all over Turkey with our expert staff.
GLOBALG.A.P-TN: Globalgap Tesco Nurture Module: It is a standard prepared for the supply of fresh vegetables and fruits to TESCO, the largest supermarket chain in England, and we serve with our expert personnel in every part of Turkey. Suppliers without GLOBALG.A.P-TN certification cannot sell products to TESCO.
SUSTAINABILITY IN AGRICULTURE: Our company cooperates with many international organizations on sustainability in agricultural production, which has caught a great trend in recent years around the world and started to be implemented by large companies in our country, and becomes a solution partner of the projects of these organizations in Turkey.